Yesterday I went with my family to a bat mitzvah. I got a really cool/cute henna, a henna is something made with ink that eventually peels off, but when it peels, it leaves a orange-ish stain where the ink was. I got one that peels and one that washes off, the one that washes off is whight. The regular henna already peeled, it peels pretty quickly. Here’s a picture of both!

Post by: Noa

Our Tuesday Night

We went out for dinner at Frida’s. The guacamole was bigger than Noa’s head.

Afterwards we went to Ice Cream Lab for dessert. It was soooooo delish.

They make the ice cream right there while you wait. Can you see the dry ice? So fresh

Noa got the flavor Cookies n’ Cream (with chocolate sprinkles on top.) and Stacy got the flavor Salt Lick Crunch. (It came with caramel and a pretzel, and there were chocolate sprinkles on top.

Post by: Stacy & Noa

Big Sunday 

For big Sunday we (our school) went to a run down school and we totally fixed it up! It felt so good to help others and it was so fun! I wish I could see the students faces when they came to school the next day. The only so-so part was that somebody painted me and my hair.🙄

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