The Roadtrip: Idaho 

Today we woke up and made breakfast in our casa on wheels. 

Thanks for the pancakes, Maia!

Next we checked out the new hood. 

Then we went for an amazing bike ride!

And went ice skating under the hot summer sun. 

Had lunch at Kneadery in Ketchum. 

Later on we met friends for dinner and checked out an outdoor concert in town.  

Post by: Stacy


Yesterday I went with my family to a bat mitzvah. I got a really cool/cute henna, a henna is something made with ink that eventually peels off, but when it peels, it leaves a orange-ish stain where the ink was. I got one that peels and one that washes off, the one that washes off is whight. The regular henna already peeled, it peels pretty quickly. Here’s a picture of both!

Post by: Noa