The Roadtrip: Teton & Yellowstone

After leaving Jackson Hole, we drove to Teton National Park. We went an awesome hike which included 2 miles in the rain and a bear cub sighting. 

We checked into our new campsite, had dinner and a great campfire and went to bed. 

The next day we explored Yellowstone. Old Faithful and a bunch of other geysers. 

Next we went horseback riding through the beautiful Yellowstone back country. At the end of our ride we were caught in a torrential hail storm. 

The next day…a bike ride, motor boating, hot springs and a dip in the Boiling River. 

Next stop: Park City!

Post by: Stacy

The Roadtrip: Mo’ Jackson Hole

Maia snuggled with Butter. 

Noa and Julia baked.  

Adam and Sadie built an electric car. 

We took a beautiful walk! And (not pictured) went to town, had water balloon fights in the creek. 

Oh that’s the view from my bedroom window. Don’t suck. 
Dinner in town, music under the sun, intense games of cards, cartwheels. 

Post by: Stacy